Why might you need a Notary Public?

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Often when a company or individual is first told to get a document Notarised or to vists a Notary Public this can lead to the understandable question:

What is a Notary Public?

The Notaries Society provides useful guidance on the profession of a Notary Public. In summary Notaries are the oldest limb of the UK legal profession. A Notary Public prepares Notary Acts, mainly within England for use as Notarised documents everywhere in the world. Documents which are most often presented to a Notary Public at our Notaries Offices in London for Notarisation include:

  • Notary Document 1 – granting a Power of Attorney, this involves allowing an individual to act on behalf of a company or individual
  • Notary Document 2 – signing a sworn statement, such as an Affidavit or Statutory Declaration
  • Notary Document 3 – get an Apostille or other legalisation from a consulate
  • Notary Document 4 – get a certified and Notarised copy of a passport
  • Notary Document 5 – open a bank account
  • Notary Document 6 – buy, sell or transfer property
  • Notary Document 7 – sign a deed in front of a Notary Public
  • Notary Document 8 – have a Notary translation, which involves a translation being certified by a notary public
  • Notary Document 9 – confirm an individuals’ single status in order to marry
  • Notary Document 10 – to confirm an academic award or professional qualification

Whatever the document being Notarised there are 2 forms of Notarial Act:

  1. A Notarial Act in Public form
  2. A Notarial Act in Private form

For further assistance with getting documents correctly Notarised or to visit our Notary Public London Offices please contact us to book an appointment on 0207 355 6000.