Foreign & Commonwealth Office – Apostille FAQs

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The Foreign & Commonwealth Office supplies Apostille, or Legalisation Certificates in the UK. The FCO has recently been in touch with a number of Notary Publics in London to provide useful guidance and answers to frequently asked questions. A section of the Legalisation Offices responses, focussing on Apostilles is set out below as a useful reminder for our Notary Public clients:

Apostille FAQ 1

I am going overseas and have been told I need a document legalising (or with an “Apostille stamp”).  Can you tell me what to do?

You first need to check with the authorities in the country where you are going to find out what documents you need to produce to them, and of those what documents which they want to see legalised (with an “Apostille”).

Once you know this, please then use the document checker tool on our to see our requirements.  PLEASE NOTE some documents need to be certified by a UK Solicitor /Notary before sending them to us to be legalised.

Once your documents are ready please send them by following the steps on our website.

Apostille FAQ 2

I need an apostille.  What is this?

An Apostille is a “legalisation certificate”.  As part of the legalisation process we physically attach an apostille to your document and emboss it.

Apostille FAQ 3

Is an apostille the same as legalising?

Legalisation and an apostille can be thought of as the same thing.

For further information about Apostilles and how to obtain one please contact our London Notary Public offices via the usual means.