Notary Public London Links

Notary Public London services provided via this website and our offices based at Mayfair in the City of Westminster include notarisation and legalisation. The Notary Public London links set our below are included to provide assistance are useful websites and information related to the services and offerings of a Notary Public London. You will also find a number of free guides and useful content and links on the new pages where there are both Notary Public guides and information relating to the notarisation and legalisation of documents in the UK.

If you need a Notary, Notary Public or Public Notary in London (the terms all describe the same thing), then our offices will be happy and able to assist. From our London Notaries offices we provide the full range of Public Notary services for individuals and business clients based in both the UK and globally. There are many Notary practices in the Uk and particularly in London. Therefore services and associated fees can vary greatly. If you are based overseas, you are likely to be more faqmilar with the Notary Profession and foriegn terms used such as notaire, notario, Notar, notaio or notario publico. Notaries in England and Wales perform similar functions, in many respects, to these professions We are happy to quote for any work so that you know what your costs will be.


Hamlins LLP – A commercial Law firm located in London’s west end on Regent Street where Notary Public London offices are based.

London Notary YouTube – A you tube channel with information and guidance to Notary Public London services. Including free tips and guidance.

Honeypot – Notary Public London charity partner. A fantastic charity which undertakes excellent work to assist child carers in the UK.

The Notaries Society – Most Notary Public London Offices are members of this society.

The Faculty Office – The regualtory body for Notary Publics in the UK.

The Worshipful Company of the Scriveners – Scriveners are qualified Notaries also.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office – The government department responsible for leglaisation of documents and apostilles.

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