Notary Certified Passport – Public Notary Guide (Part 2)

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Following on from Part 1 in our Notary Public series on Document Certification we move onto Part 2 of this free certification guide. This article considers how to obtain a Certified Passport copy from a Notary Public.

Notarised Passport Copies are often required for overseas matters including:

Certified Passport Copy – Notary Public Examples

  • Opening Bank Accounts in the UK
  • Opening overseas bank accounts
  • Completing Know Your Client or Money Laundering Compliance requirements
  • To confirm the status or circumstances of an individual to make a claim under a bank account, insurance product or will
  • To purchase property abroad
  • Incorporating and registering a company overseas

On most occasions it is not necessary to provide a certified copy of every pages of the passport. If such passport certification of each page is required then you are recommended to advise your Notaries Office of such a requirement in advance of your appointment. A prudent London Notary will usually insist that each certified Passport page is separately stamped and embossed with the Notarial Seal and signature. A Notary Public is usually only required to provide a notarised and certified copy of the Passport photograph page. In relation to UK passports, the certified copy should be copied in black and white and incorporate the entirety of the pages within the copy image. Most good London Notary Publics will ensure there is clear stamped Notarial certification on the passport copy page and also a separate stamped notarial certificate to confirm the details of the passport certification.

A Notary will often undertake the following security checks before Certifying a Passport:

  • Confirming the authenticity of the Passport
  • Confirming the Passport is current and not expired
  • Ensuring any Visa or other authorities contained within the Passport are valid and up to date.
  • Ensuring the passport is understood and familiar, further checks may be required if the Passport is from outside the UK.

Please note that the Notary Public dealing with the Certified Passport copy will also needs to:

  • Meet with the Passport Holder; and
  • See a copy of a bank statement or utility bill which is less than 3 months old and confirms the passport holder’s UK residential address.

To receive a quote for Notary Fixed Fees or a certified copy, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Notary Public in London office at For those wishing to obtain further information about Notary Public services, please do not hesitate to contact our London Notary Public Practice on or





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