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London Notary Public fees are often believed to be fixed, they are not. The Faculty Office rules require a Notary Public to charge a proper fee which is appropriate for the level of notarial services offered. However as the economic downturn “bites”, here are 5 further tips to ensure you get value for money from your Notarial services:

London Notary Public Fees Tip 1. Is VAT payable? Don’t forget to check whether the Notary practice will charge VAT as this will have a significant effect (15%) on the price you pay. London Notary Public practice M D Pryke Notary Public LLP does not charge VAT.

London Notary Public Fees Tip 2. Obtain a fee quote in advance. For most notarial matters the London Notary Public should be able to tell you the fees in advance of the meeting. If the London Notary cannot give an exact quote, the London Notary Public should be able to provide an accurate estimate.

London Notary Public Fees Tip 3. Are there additional third party charges? The London Notary Public may need to incur additional third party costs to complete the legalisation process such as embassy fees, courier fees or legalisation fees payable to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for adding an Apostille. Your London Notary Public should be able to provide a clear indication of all of these costs in advance.

London Notary Public Fees Tip 4. Don’t be afraid to shop around. As the fees charged by Notaries  in London is not fixed you can speak to different London Notary Public practices to compare prices. Expect to pay somewhere between £60 – £120 for any document notarised by a London Notary Public.

London Notary Public Fees Tip 5. Find out payment periods. Many London Notary Public practices require notary fees to be paid immediately or in advance so check this with your London Notary before you meet.



    I want to sent a letter to my sister in united states stating that i will be sending her $1000 every month… just wanted to enquire how much will it cost me to notorise this document and how long will it take to get it done

    • Matthew

      Thank you for your recent notary enquiry.

      All of my services will be delivered in accordance with my terms of business https://mdpryke-notary.com/londonnotarypublicterms

      The fees for the notarisation will be £85 for the first document and £35 for each subsequent documents.

      If you wish to proceed you would need to phone my offices to book an appointment and you will need to bring the document for signature together with your passport and a current utility bill or bank statement for the purposes of identification.

      Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to call me on the number set out below.





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