Certifying Documents – Notary Public Guide Part 3 (Certified company documents)

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As a follow up to Part 2 in our Notary Public series on Document Certification we present Part 3 of this free Notary certification guide. This article looks at how to obtain a Notary or Notarised Certified Company Document from a London Notary Public.

Certified Company Documents – London Notary Examples

  • Notarised Current Appointments Report.
  • Notarised An Annual Return.
  • Notarised Share Holder Register.
  • Notarised Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  • Notarised Incorporation Documents.
  • Notarised Change of Registered Office Address.
  • Notarised Certificates of Incorporation.
  • Notarised Certificates of Incorporation on Change of Name.
  • Notarised Certificates of Good Standing.

Certified Company Documents – London Notary ID requirements

As is usual for all Notarial matters the London Notary will need to verify the following prior to Notarising the Certified Company Documents:

  1. That an Officer of the Company is known to the London Notary Public and/or has provided relvant ID Documents being:
    1. a valid and up to date passport.
    2. a utility bill or bank statement which is less than 3 months old and confirms the Company Officer’s residential address.
  2. That the Company is valid and subsisting.
  3. That the document presented to the Notary Public in London is identical to the documents held by Companies House.

For further information about how to Notary Certified copy of a Companies House document please contact us via matthew@mdpryke-notary.com  


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