Certitifying Documents – Notary Public Guide Part 1

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As a Notary Public based in London our Notaries Office is often asked to certify documents or provide a Notary certified copy. The first question to ask is: Does the document need to be certified by a London Notary Public or can this task be undertaken by another professional such as a solicitor? This is certainly worth checking as a Notary’s fees to certify a document are likely to be greater than those of a solicitor. As a Notary Public our charges start at £120 to certify documents, acting as a solicitor the charges start at £10 to certify documents.

If a document does need certifying by a Notary Public then the basis of notarisation will vary based on the document involved. Examples of Notary certified documents would include:

  • Certified Passports – both for the UK and overseas
  • Certified company documents -Certificates of Incorporation, Certificates of Good Standing etc.
  • Certified academic certificates – School awards, undergraduate and post graduate awards
  • Certified professional awards & memberships – Membership of professional bodies and practising certificates.
  • Certified birth certificates – both for the UK and overseas
  • Certified marriage certificates – both for the UK and overseas

A Notary Public must only certify those things which he has been able to verify. The Notary’s certificate must unequivocally confirm those things and only those things.

We have been asked to produce a Notary guide we will produce a series of Notary Public guides setting out guidance for Notaries and Notary clients regarding the procedure to ensure documents are certified accurately and correctly.

If you require a Notary Public to certify documents than please do contact us for a free fixed fee quote.



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