Change Your Name By Deed Poll

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In recent months we have received an increasing number of individuals contacting the website who want to change their name. There are a number of guides to changing your name and how to execute and use a Deed Poll already on the site. However we have produced a quick summary guide in response to the many recent Deed Poll enquiries.

The first point to make is you don’t have to follow a legal procedure if you want to adopt a new name. Whilst this is the case, you are likely to need a deed poll to apply for or change your name within official documents, like a passport or driving licence.

A deed poll is a legal document that allows you to prove or evidence a change of name. You can get a deed poll template through a specialist agency, a solicitor or by applying to the Royal Courts of Justice. However often this cost money and therefore back in 2010 our Notary Public practice made a free name change template available via our website. This proved incredibly popular with many of the individuals who access our site.   

Therefore to summarise, to change your name by deed poll there are various options, you can:

You are likely to have to pay a fee to an agency or a solicitor which is why we made the deed poll template available for free.

If you have any questions about changing your name, using a deed poll or the services offered by our London Notary Public practice then please get in touch on 0207 355 6000 or