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As a Notary Public practice based in London we are continually being asked to assist with the paperwork required for people and businesses locating overseas. We have the experience and expertise to arrange for documents to be notarised and legalised to ensure acceptance by international authorities.  Over the coming weeks we are going to provide a Notary Public Guide to some of these most popular relocation destinations for both individuals and businesses, starting with The Isle of Man.  

Notary Public Guide to the Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is often associated with the famous Isle of Man TT and also the cycling sensation that is Mark Cavendish.  Although it is often the low-tax economy that attract it’s residents and businesses to the island. The Isle of Man does have lower income tax rates than the UK, for example. However it does not have the lowest income tax rates in the world. Monaco and the Cayman Islands, for example, have limited taxes at all. However, paying some tax is often viewed as the “trade off” to allow residents to live in a tax haven situated less than an hour from the British mainland. Not only is the Isle of Man located closely to the UK it also shares much of the culture and lifestyle. 

Furthermore, some of the most disliked taxes in Britain do not exist on the Isle of Man, including: 

  • Capital Gains Tax.
  • Stamp Duty Land Tax.
  • Inheritance Tax.
  • Gift Tax.
  • Wealth Tax.

Unlike many tax havens, which can make it difficult for anyone except the super rich to obtain residence, the Isle of Man has a tradition of welcoming entrepreneurs. Applicants can, in specific circumstances, qualify for cash incentives from the Manx Government. British citizens do not require permission from the Isle of Man Immigration Office to live on the island. However, to obtain employment on the Island (or take up self-employment) you may require a work permit issued under the Isle of Man Control of Employment Acts. Similar rules are applied to Irish citizens and European Economic Area (EEA) nationals.

At our London Notary Public practice we are experienced at assisting clients to notarise documentation to enable individuals and businesses to relocate to the Isle of Man. We appreciate and understand the need to deal with Notary Public matters in a diligent and efficent manner working to pre-agreed fixed Notary Fees. For further information of for a Notary Fee quote please contact us on 0207 355 6019 or


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