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Notary fees are often one of the key factors when selecting a Notaries practice to use.  We have previously produced free Notary guides explaining that whilst people may offer suggest they offer this, there is no such thing as Free Notary Services.  Therefore whilst legtimate Notary services are not free often businesses and members of the public believe, wrongly, that Notary Public fees are fixed. Notary fees are not fixed and can vary materially from one practice to another. The Faculty Office rules require a Notary Public to charge a proper and reasonable fee which is appropriate for the level of notarial services offered. The key question therefore what is a reasonable fee? We have put together 5 free tips to ensure you get good value for money when using a Notary Public in London:

Notary Public Fees Tip 1. Is VAT payable? Not all Notaries practises charge VAT. Therefore check whether the Notary practice will charge VAT as this will have a significant impact (20%) on the price that an individual will pay. At Notaries Public practice M D Pryke Notary Public we do charge VAT.

Notary Public Fees Tip 2. Always seek a detailed fee quote in writing in advance of any appointment. For most notarial matters the Notary Public should be able to accurately establish the fees in advance of the meeting. The Notary should also be able to provide advice on any legalisation requirements and associated costs (if any). Once you have a fixed fee quote then you know exactly what you are going to be required to pay. If the Notaries practice cannot give an exact quote, then firstly ask why not? Then if the answer is reasonable ask the Notaries practice to provide a detailed and accurate estimate.

Notary Public Fees Tip 3. Are there additional third party charges or what lawyers often refer to as disbursements? The UK Notary Public may need to incur additional third party costs to complete the noatrisation and/or legalisation process such as legalisation fees payable to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for adding an Apostille. Your Notary Public in London should provide a clear indication of all of these additional costs in advance of any Notaries meeting. These costs may be required to be paid in advance, so it is a good idea to check this.

Notary Public Fees Tip 4. Don’t be afraid to shop around and seek the most competitive fee quote. As the Notarial fees charged in London are not fixed you can speak to different Notary Public practices to compare and contrast prices. You should expect to pay between £65 – £145 (approximately) for any document notarised by a UK Notary Public.

Notary Public Fees Tip 5. Find out payment periods and methods. Many Notary Public practices require notary fees to be paid immediately or in advance so check this with your London Notary before you meet. Also ensure you have the cash or a cheque with you as most Notaries do not accept payment by bank or credit cards.

To obtain a fee quote or for futher information about anything contained in this website please contact us on 0207 355 6000 or For further information about the Faculty Office and the rules that govern the way in which Notary fees are charged please follow this link Faculty Office.


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