Beware “Free” Notary services

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It has come to our attention at MD Pryke Notary Public that many people search the internet for terms such as ‘Free Notary service’.

Whilst we completely understand that people should compare prices and services when making a decision as to which Notary Public service in London to appoint, we do recommend that you bear a few details in mind.

Firstly, free Notary services simply don’t exist. The Notary rules as laid out by the Notary governing body at the Faculty Office state that a notary public is required to charge a reasonable fee according to the level of service that the Notary offers. For this reason alone, a Notary Public offering free Notary services would be directly contravening the professional Notary conduct rules.

So the second most salient question to ask must surely be, ‘If there isn’t such a thing as free Notary services, then what’s the next best thing?’

Forgive us for banging our drum again about the necessity to shop around before instructing a Notary service, but at M D Pryke Notary Public we feel very strongly that not all notarial services are created equal.

If they were, then why are some firms inundated with clients clamouring to instruct them, whilst the reception areas of other notary services in London resemble the Mary Celeste?

The answer, of course, is the quality of notarial service provided.

For example, a Notary is required to ensure that their client fully comprehends the document that they have requested be notarized.   This may well be a straight forward procedure if the client wished to have, say, a copy of their own passport notarized.  But what happens when they bring a document that is written in a foreign language relating to an obscure piece of legislation pertaining to a property deal in a non EU state?

An experienced, fully qualified Notary will always take the time to ensure that their client’s best interests are serviced.

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  1. Klaudia

    Being one of the people who searched for “free notary public” in google, I feel obliged to inform you that they do exist. I have used free notary public myself whilst in New York.

    I would like to ask you for a quote for an authorisation document. I would like my husband to be able to sign a contract in my name for buying a property abroad. Many thanks.

    • Matthew

      Thanks for the comment and it is good to hear that you managed to source free notary services in New York, USA.

      In the UK notary publics are required to charged a reasonable fee for the notary services they undertake. This is a professional obligation imposed by the notary rules to which all Notary Publics in England and Wales are subject.

      My notary fees are charged on a fixed fee basis of:

      £85 for the first notarised document
      £35 for each subsequent notarised document.

      The services of notary publics in England and Wales are regulated and governed by The Faculty Office.

      If you require any further information about our notary public and legalisation services then please do get in touch via the website or feel free to phone the office on 0207 636 4422.

  2. Mohammad Adam

    thanks for your help. this saves alot of my time. really appreciate it!

    • Matthew

      Mohammed, Thank you for the post and I am glad that you found the website to be useful. This post provides information about Notary Fees and how they are required to be charged. Therefore any company or individual claiming to be offering free Notary services should be treated with significant caution. Thank you for getting in touch with our London Notary Public practice.

  3. Ticked Off

    What a shame. In the USA and Canada there are many free notary services as well. Bit of a rip off to charge £85 plus to witness someone’s signature. The same type of documents that I’ve had notarized (for free) in Canada cost me £120 here. This is why people make lawyer jokes. Oh well, it is what it is – like everything else in the UK, a huge rip off.



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