Notarising Education Certificates for Qatar – A Notary Guide

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If you are seeking to notarise and legalise an education qualification, such as a University degree, for Qatar you should be aware that as of 1 June 2016 new rules were introduced by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Doha. All qualification certificate holders of diploma degrees, BA/BSc/M.A and PhD issued outside of the state of Qatar will need firstly to be notarised.  Once notarised the notarised qualification certificates can then be submitted for legalisation.  Please note that all such notarised certificates must be supported by 3 items.  Namely:

  • Certificate/Diploma duly notarised
  • Transcript to support the Certificate/Diploma duly notarised
  • A cover letter from the issues education provider which is duly notarised and confirms the following points:
  • The qualification/certificate authenticity
  • The mode of study and type of study, i.e. whether full-time/part-time or distance learning (e-learning)/proximate learning (face to face learning)
  • The place of study and the place the examination is held
  • The awarded title of the issued diploma i.e. degree (BA or BSc), Masters or Doctorate programme
  • The duration of the course studied
  • The actual dates of study (the start date and end date)

A London Notary Public should be able to provide you with advice and confirmation as to the requirements for these documents to be notarised prior to the document then being attested by way of Apostille Legalisation Certificate by the UKs Foreign and Commonwealth Office. In addition a Public Notary will be able to confirm that any certificate obtained via distance learning or an online programme will not be accepted for legalisation as this is not accepted and in line with the rules of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Doha.  For further information regarding how to notarise an University Certificates and other education certificates and the legalisation requirements for Qatar, please get in touch on or 0207 355 6019


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