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Recently a new Electronic Datacheck Service has been introduced called HEDD.  HEDD stands for Higher Education Degree Datacheck.

Notarisation of Degree Certificates

Most quality Notary Publics, when certifying and notarising a UK Degree Certificate will include the following certifications within their Notarial Certificate:

  1. confirm the document is a true and accurate copy of the original;
  2. confirm the identity details of the appearer and holder of the Degree Certificate;
  3. confirm and verify the authenticity of the Degree Certificate once this has been validated with the relevant academic institution.

Cost Effective University Degree Certificates Notarised.

On this basis, HEDD provides Notary Publics with a cost effective way in which to verify academic awards and thereby improve the basis upon which they notarise the document on behalf of their clients.  The cost of this service is currently £10 per check and the following institutions are currently participating in verification via the HEDD system:

·         Anglia Ruskin University

·         De Montfort University

·         University of East London

·         University of Essex

·         Goldsmith’s College

·         University of Hull

·         Imperial College London

·         Keele University

·         King’s College London

·         London School of Economics and Political Science

·         University of Manchester

·         University of Nottingham

·         Nottingham Trent University

·         Robert Gordon University Aberdeen

·         University of Salford

·         Sheffield Hallam University

·         University of Surrey

·         University of Sussex

·         University of Wolverhampton

For further details regarding Notarisation of Degree Certificates and associated costs please do not hesitate to contact us via the usual means.

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  1. Terence Stephen Franchetti

    Dear sir,
    My name is Terence Franchetti, an Englishman living & working in China. Due to changes in China’s visa system, degrees (mine is from the University of Birmingham) will, in future, need to be notarised.

    1) Would it be possible to DHL you my degree from China, have it notarised & returned to me in China by DHL? Obviously I would bear the cost.

    2) What is involved in notarising a degree? How long does it take?

    3) I am currently in China & would greatly prefer not to have to return to the UK to get this done, is that possible?

    It is worth noting that this document simply one more bit of paperwork involved in getting a working visa here, another piece of paper that is looked at briefly, crossed off a list, stamped & then put to one side, totally disregarded so if there is any way to expedite the process, please let me know

    I look forward to your reply.

    Terry Franchetti


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