How to find a good Notary – A Notary Public Guide

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Getting a document Notarised and Legalised can often be both confusing and stressful. So, it’s vital you find a professional Notaries Office to assist you at this important time. A key part of this is choosing a qualified Notary Public you can rely on. So how do you best go about this?

1. Seek personal (and trusted) recommendations

Good old fashioned word of mouth is one of the most reliable methods of ensuring you get a good service – in any kind of trade. Ask friends and colleagues who have had documents legalised whether they were happy with the Notary Public used and whether they would recommend their services. Another great place to start is to look for online testimonials, you can find these both on Google or on the website of professional and transparent firms.

2. Use The Notaries’ Societies’ “Find a Notary” tool

If you are starting your search from scratch, The Notaries Society Find a Notary Public tool contains contact details of approximately 700 Notary Publics. The search tool allows you to search by location. Every Notary Public is regulated by the Faculty Office.

3. Consider a local firm of Notaries Public

As most Notarial matters require you to attend in person you may wish to choose a Notary who is easily located close to your office or home. This avoids time wasted travelling and can be just as relevant as the Notary fee. Also you can consider searching for a Mobile Notary as some businesses do offer this convenient service.

4. Make Contact in advance

While you might not fully understand the ins and outs of what a Notary Public does, remember you are a paying customer. You are entitled to receive the following in advance of the meeting:

  1. Scope of services.
  2. Fixed Notary Public Fees.
  3. Legalisation Fees (if any).
  4. A timescale for the provision of the services.

Always telephone or email the Notary Public before attending a Notaries office and ask to speak to the Notary Public. Some people prefer to book things online and many Notaries offices offer online booking services also.

5. The cheapest is not always the best!

You should always be able to get a fixed fee Notary fee estimate in advance. Whilst everyone wants to save cash, don’t be tempted to just head straight for the cheapest. Often factors such as availability, speed of service and the ability to provide Mobile Notary services can be equally, if not more, important than price. As with any professional service the key is “value for money”.


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