Notary Public Fees – Are they Fixed?

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As a London Notary Public my fees are not fixed. The Notary rules require a notary public to charge a proper fee which is appropriate for the level of service offered. For most matters the Notary should be able to tell you his fee in advance. However don’t forget to check whether the Notary will charge VAT as this will have a significant effect on the price. Expect to pay somewhere between £60 – £180 for any document notarised by a  London Notary Public. Also many notary publics require fees to be paid immediately or in advance so check this with your notary before you meet. Often this involves taking cash or cheque to your Notary appointment, so it is a good idea to go prepared.

In addition to the fees for the notary public there may be additional third pary charges such as embassy fees, courier fees or fees payble to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for adding an Apostille. Your notary public should be able to provide an clear indication of all of these costs in advance and assist with this process should you require.