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As a London Notary Public based in the West End in very close proximity to Harley Street, our Notaries Office is frequently asked to assists doctors, nurses and medical staff who are moving to Working in Australia. Our London Notary Public has sucessfully assisted many medical practitioners to move to Australia and Notarise the necessary paperwork to ensure a smooth administrative process. As Notaries in London we provide assistance with execution of the various forms required by the Australian medical authorities. The documents required to be signed before a Notary Public and Notarised are numerous and can include:

Notarised Documents for Austraila

  1. Notarised Passport.
  2. Notarised Passport photos.
  3. Notarised and/or legalised Birth Certificate.
  4. A Sworn and Sealed Statutory Declaration.
  5. A Nursing licence signed before a London Notary Public.
  6. An AMC form signed before a London Notary Public.
  7. A certified and Notarised GMC certificate.
  8. A certified and Notarised Medical degree certificate(s).

To complete this process you are advised to book a Notarial Appointment at which the Notary will need to see all the original documents and photocopies of each document. From our extensive experience of Notarising documents for Australia, we advise Notary clients to obtain 3 Notarised copies of each document. Usually 3 Notarised documents are required for:

  • AMC
  • AHPRA and
  • the medical practitioners’ hospital

The London Notary Public will need to verify the academic awards. The Notary will usually require proof directly from a university that degree certificates are genuinely and accurate. Our London Notary Public offices are used to dealing with the General Medical Council and can usually obtain Notary verification in the same day. In addition the Notary Public certificate should confirm that each document is certified as a true copy of the original and be sealed and stamped on this basi.

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