London Notary Public Guide – Changes to UK Driving Licences

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When getting a document notarised a London Notary Public will need to verify 2 original ID documents. A Notary Public will sometimes be presented with a UK photo-card Driving Licence.

On 8th June 2015 the Driving Vehicle and Licensing Agency (DVLA) will cease issuing the paper counterpart to the photo-card driving licence. The paper counterpart was originally introduced as a method of including data which would not fit on the photo-card such as details of current endorsements or points against the driver and a comprehensive list of all vehicles that the individual was entitled to drive. As a consequence a London Notary Public would often require an individual to present a photo-card and paper counterpart as part of the Notary Public verification process.

If you are in possession of a photo-card you should destroy the paper counterpart after 8th June 2015 as it is no longer legally valid. Also, no Notary Public in London should now require sight of the paper counterpart as part of the Notarial verification.

If your driving licence is a pre-photo-card licence (issued before 1998) it remains valid and should not be destroyed. In this instance a London Notary Public would be prudent to require sight of the paper counterpart as part of the Notarial verification.

Further information can be found online at If you need further details of what to expect when attending an appointment with a Notary Public then please read our previous article Notary Public Appointment Checklist.


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