Free deed poll name change is a term commonly typed into Internet search engines. Sadly however, many sites that profess to offer a free Deed Poll download subsequently charge for the service once you examine the small print on their websites.

At MD Pryke Notary Public LLP members of the public often contact us to enquire whether our free deed poll service is genuinely available at no charge and whether they have to be in the London area in order to take advantage of our offer.

To clarify our position we can categorically state that our Deed Poll document is provided completely free of charge to the public.  There’s no catch to worry about, just a genuinely gratis deed poll name change document for UK citizens, which is available free to download and is totally legally binding.

Simply download the name change document at and fill it in using the easily understood directions.

As discussed in a response to a client’s questions which can be viewed at it is essential that you follow the steps as described and that you sign the deed poll in front of a witness.

A Notary Public or solicitor is not required, but it must be witnessed by a third party in order that your free name change by deed poll process becomes legally binding and recongnised in any court in England and Wales.

For further details on our free deed poll service please contact MD Pryke Notary Public LLP on 0207 636 4422, or through the usual channels.