Notary Public London Guide: X Factor Deed Poll

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The Notary Public London Guide has previously mentioned the Deed Poll name change controversy on the ITV show, X Factor, when Simon Cowell refused to call a contestant by the name ‘Storm’.

We pointed out that not only is a name change by Deed Poll completely legal, and that Simon Cowell was incorrect to refuse to call the singer by his new name, but also what an easy process changing a name could be.  So we were delighted to learn this week that in a follow up show to the X Factor, Simon Cowell signed a Deed Poll name change document himself.

After ascertaining that he could hold the contract himself, Cowell signed the forms to declare that he would officially be called ‘Lightening’, albeit for a 24 hour period.

It’s only a pity that ITV didn’t approach MD Pryke Notary Public for our free Deed Poll name change document, but we’re delighted that it highlights just how easy the process can be.

In fact, if one takes a strict legal view, you needn’t fill out any documentation if you decide to be known by a new name, the purpose of a Deed Poll is to provide an official form with which to notify various agencies of your new moniker, such as Credit companies and passport services.

To change a name using our free legal name change service simply follow the links on this page or call MD Pryke Notary Public on 0207 6364422 for more details.