Ever since we launched our free Deed Poll download, MD Pryke Notary Public has received a substantial number of enquiries regarding how to use a Deed Poll document to obtain further documentation.  We have used these Deed Poll queries as the basis for these Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I use my Free Deed Poll download to apply for a new Passport?

Simply enclose your Deed Poll certificate with the Passport application.  If you feel that the authorities may mislay your Deed Poll, you may wish to visit a Notary Public or a solicitor to obtain some official certified copies.

Is my free name change legally binding?

The free Deed Poll document is legally binding and will be accepted as proof of your name change by all government agencies.  It will also be accepted by Banks and Building societies, the DVLA and medical agencies.

Can I avoid creditors by changing my name by Deed Poll?

No.  It is illegal to change your name for the purpose of trying to avoid debts or to misrepresent yourself in any way.  Once you change your name by Deed Poll you are obliged to inform all official agencies of the name change.

Can I use my Deed Poll to change my Birth Certificate?

It is highly unusual to change the name on a Birth Certificate.  The Birth Certificate is an official record that declares a person’s name in their infancy, rather than the name they wish to assume.  There are certain circumstances where Birth Certificates can be altered but a Deed Poll is not used to make these changes.

For further information on any aspect of changing a name by Deed Poll, please contact MD Pryke Notary Public via any of the usual channels.


  1. Mrs. Markson

    I have used this Deep Poll and it worked well in changing all my legal documents; banks, passports etc.
    Thank you for a great service.

    • Matthew

      Free Download Deed Poll Document

      Thank you for your positive comments. I am very glad that the deed poll document was of use to you. It is clear that many people have a requirement to change their name for their own reasons. We are getting an increasing number of people that are accessing the website to downlaod a copy of the deed poll document. If my free deed poll download template can assist then I am very pleased. As per your comment once the deed poll document has been completed, signed and witnessed it can be used to ensure that all official records are updated. Enjoy using your new name with legal certainty!

  2. Shaun

    Hi there, thankyou for the name deed template it was very simple to use, however I am a wondering whether i should print onto a4 gold parchment paper or will normal a4 white paper be enough? please respond and sorry if the question seems irrelevant. Kind Regards

    • Matthew

      Hi Shaun, I am glad that you found the free deed poll template useful and easy to use. In relation to your question the quality of paper used to execute the deed poll name change document has not bearing on the legal impact of the document. That said I know lots of other people that have used this free deed poll document have chosen to print this on heavier better quality paper so that it is slightly more robust, can be copied easily and also because it is clearly a momentous moment when anyone confirms a name change. Therefore you can take your pick of the paper you wish to use to print the deed poll document on. I hope this helps.

  3. Karlos

    Thank you for the deed poll download draft. Do i have to have the name of the notary at the top of my page?? many thanks

  4. Julie

    Thanks so much for your free deedpoll download. I have 2 questions please: (a)Some sites indicate TWO witnesses are needed, though you indicate only one is required. I would appreciate confirmation on this before going ahead please.
    (b) Some also indicate wording needed “notwithstanding the decision of Mr Justice Vaisey in re Parrott, Cox v Parrott, the applicant wishes the enrolment to proceed”. Again, yours is simpler and does not include this! Would appreciate confirmation- thank you so much for your help.

    • Matthew

      Julie, thank you for the message in relation to the free deed poll download that is avaliable via my website. This name change document is intended to be simple and straight forward to “demistify” some of the information that is available via the internet.

      In relation to your questions:

      1. The reasson some documents have 2 witnesses is often to make the document a deed. This is a legal requirement upon execution. Therefore you can have 2 witnesses if you prefer, however this is not necessary to ensure that the document is a legally binding agreement. If you want the document to be a deed then 2 witnesses are necessary.
      2. This is a case that drew into question whether a person could change their name via a deed poll agreement. Including the reference to make the document valid is not necessary.

      I hope this helps and please let me know if you require any further information.