Changing a name by Deed Poll hit the public consciousness once more on Saturday night, when viewers of the X Factor saw a performance by a contestant called ‘Storm’. Simon Cowell said, ‘I’m not going to call you Storm any more…. What’s your real name, the name you were born with?’

The contestant revealed that he had changed his name by Deed Poll from ‘Lee Gardner’ to ‘Storm Lee Gardner’.

Changing a name by Deed Poll is legally binding and the contestant had every legal right to insist on being called by his new name.  The name change by Deed Poll took place when Storm was 16 years old and so he wouldn’t have needed parental permission to change name.

If a minor wished to change a name by Deed Poll the situation becomes more complicated with permission for the name change required from every party deemed to have parental responsibility.  The contestant has claimed that he changed his name by Deed Poll name because he was being bullied at school, but there are many different reasons for people changing name by Deed Poll.  Some people change name by Deed Poll after marriage or divorce, others change name to signal a break from their family and many more change name to signify a new start.

For the vast majority of Deed Poll name changes where the person wishing to change name is over 16 years of age the process is straightforward.

Simply visit our completely free Deed Poll name change download and follow the three easy steps to make your Deed Poll name change legal and officially recognised.


  1. Bob

    I was searching for a free way to change my name by deed poll when i came across this page of your notary public website site

    I’ve got two questions about your notary deed poll service.

    1. Is it really completely free? No offence intended but there are a lot of websites that claim to give deed polls away for free but when I click on the link they always ask me for money…

    2. Is it a legal document? I need to change my name but I want my new name to be something that I can put on a passport and change my bank account to.


    • Matthew

      Hi Bob,

      Thank for your questions about my free deed poll name change service.

      Free deed poll name change documents do appear to cost money on websites when you examine them closely but I guarantee that my free deed poll service is exactly that…completely free to use.

      Just follow the picture link on this page and observe the simple instructions to complete the form.

      Once you do this your new name will be officially legal in every way. The next step is to contact the UK passport agency and they will tell you where to send your completed free deed poll download form in order to get your name changed on your passport. This process may cost you a small amount of money because your are, in effect, requesting a new passport and they will charge you an administration fee, but my free deed poll service won’t cost you a penny.

      If you are concerned that the passport agency may lose your deed poll form, you may want to consider having some official copies made and notarised by a notary public, but in my experience the UK passport services are very efficient and rarely mislay documents.

      In answer to your second question, yes – my free deed poll download is 100% legally binding so please give it some careful thought before you change your name by deed poll and be certain that this is something you really want to do. If you have any further questions please contact me via the form on my website at or call one of my notary team on 0207 6364422.

    • Matthew

      Hi Bob and thanks for the email. Yes this is free and is a legal document. Please make sure you follow the instructions carefully and also sign the document in the presence of a witness.

      Please contact me on 0207636 4422 if you have any further questions.

  2. Marina Morgan

    I changed my name over a year ago, due to the fact that my ex husband had been stalking me and gathering information on me and my family. I wanted a fresh start, however 1 year on and family members absolutely refuse to call me Marina this is totally messing with my head and I feel that I am having an identity crisis. I don’t regret the change infact I see it as a new beginning but, I am finding it impossible to convince others to change with me. Any one out there with the same experience I would love to hear from and how you have coped in convincing others to call you by your new name. Marina.

  3. Ty

    I am a US citizen but a permanent resident with indefinite leave to remain in the UK. I want to legally change my name simply because I never liked my given name, but does that mean I have to change it in both countries? The process in the US is expensive I’m told, and my visa’s are in my given name. – Marina I’m trying out my “new name” and having the same problem. I explain to people it felt strange to me at first but I chose the name that fit me best. I ask them to just try it a few times and most people realise it is better suited to me. Hope that helps.

  4. Alan

    Hello Matthew,

    Thank you for the download for deed poll name change.
    Ami I right in thinking that the witnesses can’t live at the same address or be related to the person changing their name?

    Also I am a UK citizen living in Spain and according to the British Embassy website in Madrid. I need the deed poll to be created by a lawyer or notary and also I have to include three other documents showing the new name. Surely they can’t enforce different requirements to the UK Passport Office or can they?



  5. Dd

    I could really use some advice please. I divorced in January 2009 and in March 09 changed my name by official deedpoll. However, for various complex personal reasons I then decided not to inform people of the name change, so I am still known as I was before. I am now very worried that I am in contravention of the law because officially I have a different name to the one I am known as. More importantly, I did not change things like my passport, bank account, or anything. Could I be unwittingly committing a crime? What do you advise? Please help!!

  6. Janice

    I was looking to go back to using my maiden name following my divorce almost 2 year’s ago. When searching for name change by deed poll, I came across this website and successfully down loaded your free change name by deed poll form.

    My only question is does the third party witness have to be a professional?

    • Matthew

      I am very glad the free deed poll download has proved useful as a name change document. In answer to your question no the third party witness to you signing the deed poll document does not need to be a professional. Some people like to sign the Deed poll document in front of a notary public, solicitor or other professional however this is not a legal requirement. The witness must be independent, i.e. not a member of your family or living at the same residential address, but otherwise any individual can act as a witness to you signing the deed poll name change document.
      The only occassions when professionals such as notary publics are requirement to notarise a deed poll is when the document requires recognisition or legalisation for another country. Also some people like to arrange for certified or notarised copies of their executed deed poll to be produced so that they have spares to provide to government authorities when updating records.