How are Notary Public fees in London set?

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In London, the fees charged by Notaries Public are not officially regulated by a central authority or government body. Instead, the fees are typically determined by individual notaries based on various factors, including the complexity and nature of the services provided, the time involved, the level of expertise required, and market conditions.

Notaries Public in London are generally free to set their own fee structures, which can vary between different practitioners. However, it is common for notaries to charge fees that are in line with industry standards and competitive with other notaries in the area.

When engaging the services of a Notary Public in London, it is advisable to inquire about their fee structure and obtain a quote for the specific services required. This allows clients to compare prices and make an informed decision. Additionally, it is recommended to clarify any additional costs, such as disbursements or VAT, that may be applicable to the notarial services.

It’s worth noting that while the fees are not directly regulated, notaries are bound by professional ethical guidelines and standards, which require them to charge fair and reasonable fees for their services.