How long does a UK Notary keep my records?

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In the UK, a Notary Public is required to keep records of their notarial acts and transactions for a period of at least 12 years after the date of the last notarial act in the case. This requirement is outlined in the Notaries Practice Rules 2019, which sets out the standards of professional conduct and practice for notaries public in the UK.

The Notary’s records should include all relevant documents, correspondence, and any other information related to the notarial act or transaction. These records must be kept confidential and secure, and only accessible to the notary and their staff.

In addition to the legal requirement to keep records for 12 years, notaries are also bound by professional ethics to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of their clients’ information, even after the retention period has ended. This means that the notary cannot disclose any information related to the notarial act or transaction without the client’s consent, except in exceptional circumstances where required by law or court order.

It is always best to confirm the specific record retention policy of your notary public, as some notaries may choose to keep records for a longer period than the required 12 years, for example, to comply with their own professional standards or for insurance purposes.