Notarisation Services: New Solutions to Keep Business Moving

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Notary Public OPEN FOR BUSINESS to Notarise & Legalise documents remotely during COVID-19 Lockdown

Discover how our remote Notarisation Services gives you the exact steps to keep business moving during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Hi there. It’s Matthew Pryke, London, Notary Public. Just a quick message to from or Notaries team, to wish all of our Notary clients to keep well and healthy during this uncertain time. I hope you’re all keeping safe and healthy. We have been keeping busy doing plenty of work for our London Notary clients. We are able to deal with Notarisation and Legalisation requirements remotely and the good news is as well that the previous restrictions on being able to legalize document and obtain Apostilles via the Foreign and Commonwealth Office have been removed with us able to use a postal service for the Foreign and Commonwealth office. What this means is that we can still notarize and legalize documents during this difficult time and for many Notary clients that are proving to be a crucial and essential service which enables their business to keep moving forward during the time of such uncertainty. Now if you do have any questions about this, please do give us a ring or email as we still have people here to support you and to provide you with information and help to get your documents notarized and legalized during this difficult period. So if you have any questions, do please get in touch and we look forward to being able to help you.