Notary Public – Business Continuity Statement

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Hi, it’s Matthew Pryke, Notary Public based in London. I just thought I’d send you a quick message at this very unusual time and with everything which is going on with the safety measures being put in place for the Coronavirus, I just wanted to update my Notary clients on my availability. As many of you know, we’re based on Regents street, in W1 a high volume area and therefore from tomorrow, our Notaries offices will be closed. We will be working remotely and we will have the ability to provide all of our Notarisation services remotely, but our offices will not be taking any new Notary client appointments and we won’t be available to receive documents at our London offices either.

If you do want to send us anything then please send it by the post, not recorded delivery, not special delivery but by first-class post. We will then receive the documents for many of my clients who I’m used to dealing with remotely, this won’t actually involve any changes to the way in which we deliver the Notarisation services.

We will remain able to deal with most Notarisation and Legalisation requirements remotely via email and my team will be there to assist. However, for new clients and people who want appointments at short notice, this is a very unusual period, we won’t actually be able to assist you. But do feel free to get in touch with our Notaries Office by email and we’ll see if we can help you in a different way. So our thoughts and best wishes are with all of our clients. We very much hope your businesses, your people, your friends and family all remain safe and well, and this is the most important priority during this period. So best wishes from everybody at our offices.