Here’s A Quick Way To Avoid Overpaying For Notary Fees

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Hi there everyone. It’s Matthew Pryke, notary public and solicitor based in London. Now if there’s one question I get asked more than any, and it’s obvious why I get asked it, it’s what is it going to cost? People want to know when they’re getting documents notarised legalised, what’s the cost going to be? So I put together this blog together to give you a few tips and hints on how you can get the best price from the notorious you are speaking to.

Always get a quote

The first one is to get a quote in advance. If you provide a copy of the documents and you provide the information that you need, then the notary should be able to provide you with a fixed fee quote in advance of meeting with you that allow you to shop around and work out whether you’re happy to pay that amount.

Let the Internet help you

Secondly, the rest of the comparison sites out there, there’s an excellent one called That will allow you to search on a geographical basis and then there are fee details that. There are even fee comparisons that will allow you to determine whether the no for your speaking to is the one that has the price that is most appropriate for you. I should add on this though, the price isn’t, the only thing that matters often for most of my clients is whether the matter can be dealt with quickly, efficiently and professionally. And sometimes that’s worth paying a little bit more for.

Fancy saving 20% on the Notary Fees?

But then once you’ve given being given the quote, the other things you need to kind of think about are there any additional fees? So for example, a big one will be is that notary registered for VAT or that. And what that really means is are you going to have to pay another 20% now if you’re a business shopping around for a notary, you’re probably not going to care about that cause the chances are you’re going to be registered for that as well. And so you’re going to be able to recover the amount. But if you’re a person who’s not registered for that and that 20% is significant. So again, not all notary, if I’ve registered for that. So think about whether you can find one. You can create a 20% saving for you by not charging tax on the fees that you have to pay.

More Fees you say!

The third area is thinking about whether there are any additional fees around Legalisation, particularly embassy fees or having to go to the foreign and Commonwealth office. Again, if you want to save on fees, this aspect of those things that you can probably do yourself. And if you want to watch some of our video guides, we even show you how to do that. But the key is often that’ll involve more time from you. So again, sometimes it’s worth spending the money to know that people, notary practices in London like mine who deal with these embassies and Foreign and Commonwealth Office on a day to day basis, we’ll be able to deal with things efficiently and accurately. So ultimately your documents get accepted when they go to the country they’re going to.

So those are a few tips on how to go and get quotes and fees that are the best and appropriate for what you want. And thanks again for watching. And as always, if you have any questions, anything you’d like us to cover, please do get in touch and we’ll try and deal with it on a video. Thanks again.