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Can it be true? Can I sign my document and have it accepted without a Notary? It’s is much more usual for documents in the UK to be signed without the need for a Notary Public to witness the document. So how do you find out if you need a Notary stamp on your document? Watch our short video to find out.

As the video explains the first, and often, key consideration is whether the document you are signing is for use within the UK or overseas. If the document is for use within the UK, then on 99% of the occassions a Notary Public will not be needed. Often a document will state a Notary is one of many professionals who can witness the signing of the document, with solicitors or other professionals often being sufficient witnesses. This is often great news for people as they can then deal with the document usually more quickly and for a lower fee than most London Notaries are likely to charge. If you are unsure whether the document needs to be witnessed by a Notary Public, then send a copy of the document to us on email ( are we will happily confirm at no cost.

Thanks for watching the video and if you have any questions or subjects you would like us to cover, then please let us know, and we will happily produce a Notary Public sercrets video on this area.