Notarising a Power of Attorney for Spain

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If you intend to notarise a power of attorney for Spain a recent Spanish ruling has changed the notarisation requirements for every London Notary Public based in England. Following a ruling issued by the Director General of Notaries and Registrars in Spain many powers of attorney’s notarised by a Notary Public have recently been rejected. This risk can be minimised if you use a Notary Public who is familiar with the ruling and current requirements for notarising Spanish powers of attorney.

To minimise this risk of a notarised document being rejected a Notary Public must ensure all powers of attorney for use in Spain are:

Power of Attorney for Spain – Notarisation Requirements

  1. PUBLIC FORM documents only; and
  2. Should not be preceded with a Notarial certificate of execution, nor should they have a Notarial certificate annexed to it; and
  3. CONTAIN a clear statement to confirm the Notary Public has judged the appearer to have the necessary LEGAL CAPACITY to grant the Spanish Power of Attorney

If you are unsure about a power of attorney for Spain that has been sent to you on any of these points please contact our London Notary Public office on or 0207 355 6019 and we will assist with the Notarisation of the Spanish POA for you.