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As a London Notary office in London we are often presented with documents to be Notarised and Legalised for Taiwan. If documents are intended for use in Taiwan then the first stage is to locate a Notary in London who can Notarise the document. Once Notarised the document should be certified by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office(“FCO”) by way of Apostille certificate. This Apostille process is often referred to as Apostillised, Apostillisation or Legalisation.

Before being certified, you must take a signed letter for your London Notary Public authorising whoever is presenting the document to act on your behalf. If the presenter is a Notary Public company, the signed letter must be on headed notepaper.

Included with each Notarised document must be a copy of your passport or, in the case of a company, a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation.

This letter should then be presented to the Notary Public in London for notarisation.

After having been notarised, the document will remain valid for up to 2 years. Within this two year period, the notarised letter may be used multiple times.

Taiwan Embassy for Legalisation

The Taiwan Embassy is located at:

50 Grosvenor Gardens,



Tel: 020 7881 2650

For further information and details about notarisation and legalisation services for Taiwan, or any other country, please contact M D Pryke Notary Public via the usual channels.


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