Documents for use in the Netherlands (also Aruba and the Netherlands Antilles) should be certified by the UK and Foreign and Commonwealth Office, by way of Apostille.

The legalisation fee is £71 per document and documents will be processed within 24 hours if lodged with the FCO before 2pm.

The FCO has two legalisation offices. The public legalisation office is situated in Milton Keynes, roughly 55 miles north of London. The FCO will usually charge £30 per Apostille certificate. Documents will usually need to be signed before a London Notary Public and then notarised in advance of being presented to the FCO.

The FCO has another office located near the Pall Mall, in London. This FCO office is only open to Notary Publics and a few other businesses for the premium legislation service only. The FCO will charge £75 per Apostille. Members of the public cannot use this premium legalisation service, however notaries can lodge documents on behalf of clients who wish to utilise the service.

If Notary Clients need to contact The Royal Netherlands Embassy it is located at:

38 Hyde Park Gate

Tel. 020 7590 3200
Fax 020 7581 3458

For further details about notarisation services for the Netherlands or any other country please contact M D Pryke Notary Public at


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