Notary Public Legalisation is a notarial service we provide from our London notaries offices on a daily basis. UK Documents are Legalised by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office by way of Apostille Certificate. To obtain such an Apostille it will be necessary for the document to first be signed and stamped by a Notary, a process often referred to as Notarisation.

When the London Notary Public signs and stamps the document they must:

  • Note the type of certification the Notary has undertaken (eg. the document is a true copy of the original).
  • Use their personal signature not a company or practice signature.
  • Include the date of certification.
  • Include the appropriate Notary Public London office address.

On most occasions prudent Notary Publics will add a notarial certificate to the document. This notarial certificate must be attached to the document by permanent means such as being riveted and tied with ribbon to the document. The notarial certificate must also contain a specific reference to the document the Notary Public has certified.

For further information please get in touch with us, alternatively you can visit the Legalisation Office website at


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