Notarising Companies House Documents

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Often our Notary Public offices will be contacted by clients seeking to Notarise Companies House documents.  Below is  a brief guide.

Companies House Documents a Notary Public can Notarise

  • Certificates of Incorporation.
  • Certificates of Incorporation on Change of Name.
  • Certificates of Good Standing.
  • Current Appointments Report.
  • An Annual Return.
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  • Incorporation Documents.

In these instances the Companies House document can be notarised without requiring the signature of an authorised officer of the Company. On this basis often no meeting with the London Notary Public is required. UK Notary Publics will  be able to access document copies held on file by Companies House via Companies House direct. This allows the Notary Public to attest and Notarise the document remotely.

Notary Certification of Companies House Documents.

When Notarising a document received from Companies House the Notary will draft, sign and stamp a notarial certification confirming:

  •  The Notary has conducted a diligent search of Companies House.
  •  The date the search of the Companies House registry was undertaken.
  •  Attach appropriate copies of company documents taken from Companies House Direct.
  • Sign, stamp and seal the Notarial certificate to conclude the notarisation.

Notary Certification of Other Government Documents

Contact your Notary Public in London to determine which other documents can be Notarised remotely and without the need for a Notary appointment. Such documents can include documents issued by:

  • HMRC.
  • The Foreign & Commonwealth Office.
  • The UK IP Office.

For further details about Notarising Companies House documents and other remote Notary services please contact us on


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