Russian – London Notary Legalisation Guide

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Notarisation and Legalisation of documents for Russia is a very familiar practice for our notaries offices. Documents for Russia should be Legalised by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office by Apostille. The Russian Consulate also legalises documents for use in Tadjikistan. You must present your passport when requesting legalisation with an accurately completed application form. The Legalisation fee is £40 per document and legalisation takes 24 hours.

The Russian Consulate will not legalise documents for use in Russia. If a Russian translation requires consular verification, the original must be Apostilled (FCO) before presentation to the Consulate.

The legalisation fee is currently £75 per document and documents will be processed within 24 hours if lodged with the FCO before 3pm. The FCO currently has a Legalisation office open to the public located in Milton Keynes. The FCO charges £30 per Apostille certificate. Documents always need to be signed before a London Notary, and then notarised, before being presented to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

The FCO has another premium legalisation office located at Admiralty Arch in Westiminster, London. This FCO legalisation office is open to Notary Publics. The FCO will charge £75 per Apostille for its same day legalisation service. Members of the general public cannot use this premium legalisation service.   As a notary we lodge documents on behalf of notaries clients for legalisation daily.

If Notary clients ever need to deal with the Russian Consulate, this is located at 5 Kensington Palace Gardens, London W8 4QS. Legalisation is not available on Wednesday when the Russian Consulate is closed.

For further information and notarisation services for Russia or any other country please contact M D Pryke Notary Public via the usual channels for a free Notary Fixed Fee quote.


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