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The profession of a Notary Public is regulated by The Faculy Office. The responsibility of a Notary Public is governed by 3 key codes of law and conduct. These are:

  1. Notary Public Conduct – Firstly a duty in tort to carry out each notarial task with the skill and care which may be expected from a lawyer of the highest qualification and the Notary’s duty of care extends beyond those parties who appear before him. This is often viewed as the Notary’s indpedendence or duty to the transaction.
  2. Notary Public Conduct – Secondly a Notary is bound by contract with those from whom he receives instructions or directions, often dealt with as part of a Notary’s terms of business
  3. Notary Public Conduct – A Notary is finally bound by the tradition of the profession and the statutory rules to demonstrate a very high standard of professional conduct. In this regard each Notary Public in London or any part of the UK is subject to the discipline of the Court of Faculties if any action or notarial service falls below such standard.

The issues surrounding claims in law, whether in contract or tort, are a complex area which requires legal advice. Matters relating more directly to professional discipline and conduct can be addressed directly to The Notaries Society.


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