Legalisation in Saudi Arabia – Free Notary Public Guide

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All documents for use in Saudi Arabia firstly need to be notarised by a qualified London Notary Public by Notary seal and Notary signature. Once notarised Saudi Arabian documents are legalised by the Consular Office of the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in 48 hours. The Legalisation fee is £6 per notarised document. All notarised documents additional require Legalisation and are Certified by Apostille certificate issued by the FCO.

The Apostille legalisation fee is £75 for each document.  Documents will be processed within the same working day if lodged with the Legalisation counter before 15:00. The FCO has 2 legalisation offices based in:

  • Milton Keynes and
  • London.

The Milton Keynes office, offering a standard legalisation service, will charge £30 for each Apostille certificate issued. The London office, offering the Premium legalisation service, charges a Legalisation fee of £75 per Apostille.  Once Legalised by the FCO with Apostille the document will then need to finally be legalised by the Saudi Embassy in London. The Consular Office of the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia is located at 32 Charles Street, Mayfair, London W1X 7PM

Two photocopies of each Notarised and Legalised document are required to be supplied along with the name and address of the London Notary Public has to be presented on each document. Commercial documents additionally require legalisation at the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Turnaround is expected to be approximately 2 weeks. Additional fees apply for this process for further details please get in touch.

If you are planning to work, emigrate, do business, invest or buy and sell purchase property in Saudi Arabia or have any queries about Saudi Arabian legalisation please get in touch. We are an experienced firm of Notaries based on Regent Street in London and would be delighted to assist.