Legalisation for Brazil – New Legalisation Requirements

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As part of our series of London Notary Public Guides we have produced a useful update to a previous article regarding Legalisation in Brazil

Our Notaries Offices are located on Regent Street in Westminster London W1. Therefore we are in very close proximity to the Brazilian Consulate and have significant experience of liaising with the Brazilian Consulate to obtain legalisation on behalf of our clients. Recent changes to the requirements for legalisation were introduced by the Brazilian Consulate at the end of 2014.

As of the 10 November 2014 the requirements for Brazilian Legalisation have changed. Documents signed before a Notary Public cannot now be dealt with by the Brazilian Consultate directly, an Apostille is now essential for every notarised document. All documents issued in the United Kingdom, either public or private including:

  • document copies,
  • certified documents,
  • signature authentication of foreign citizens,
  • academic certificates; or
  • any school documents

must first be notarised by a UK Notary Public. Once Notarised by a London Notary the notarised document must then be legalised by Apostille at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Once the Apostille Certificate has been issued the Brazilian Consulate can then finalise the legalisation process. The Apostille can sometimes be referred to as Apostillised, Apostilled or Apostille Certfication, these are all the same and involve the FCO adding a Apostille certificate to a notarial certificate to confirm the current status of a Notary Public.

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