Free Notary Fee Quotes – Don’t Choose a Notary Without One!

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London is a city which houses many Notary Public practices providing professional Notary services. Whilst close proximity and professionalism of service are very important it is inevitable the choice of Notary Public in London will often come down to Notary fee price.  As a London Notary Public the fees charged are not fixed. The Notary rules require a notary public to charge a proper and reasonable fee which is appropriate for the level of notaries service offered. For almost all matters each Notaries Office should be able to provide a free Notary fee quote in advance in writing.  Therefore prudence and sense suggest that if a London Notary has not provided a free fee quote in advance of your appointment, you should be asking yourself why?

So what should a free Notary Fee quote include:

  1. Notarisation fees – these should be fixed and likley charged on a fixed per document basis.
  2. Legalsation fees – details of any legalisation fees payable to Embassies, Consulate fees or Apostille Fees payable to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
  3. Third Party fees – fees payable to any couriers or other third parties involved in the legalisation of your notarised documents.
  4. VAT – confirm whether VAT is payable on the notarisation fees.

In London a Notary is likely to charges fees of somewhere between £65 – £180 for each document notarised. It is likely the London notaries public office will request notary fees to be paid immediately on delivery of the notarised documents or in advance of the Notaries appointment. Therefore it is always best  to confirm this with the London notary office before you meet. It may be the London office will require cash or cheque to settle the account, so we would always recommend this is carefully checked.

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