Free Public Notary Guide – How Many UK Notaries are there?

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Often Notary clients indicate they have found it time consuming to locate a Notary Public in London who is available at short notice for businesses and individuals.  At M D Pryke Notary we offer appointments at short notice and can travel to clients offices acting as a mobile Notary. However the experience of many is that other notaries practices are not so readily available.  This often leads to the obvious question of “How many Notary Publics are there in the UK?”

UK Notary numbers

The Faculty Office indicates that the Notarial profession as a whole has remained stable in size during 2011, 2012 and into 2013.  873 Practising Certificates have been issued by The Faculty Office since last November, the comparable figure in the previous year being 876. 

UK Notary Admissions

Interestingly there have been a number of new admissions to be become Notary Publics.  In particular 42 new notaries have been admitted since last September (the comparable figure for 2010 – 11 was 33).  There were 3 new Scrivener notaries (last year there had been none).  In addition, two Ecclesiastical Notaries and 18 Overseas Notaries have been admitted in the same period. 

Whilst the continued stability and professionalism of the notary profession is inevitably a good thing, there are some who suggest that there is a requirement for increased numbers of Notary Publics within the UK.  This is only going to be achieved through continuing education, qualification and promotion of The Notaries Practice course.  The Notaries course is operated by University College London having previously been provided by the University of Cambridge.  

For those wishing to take up the course or for further information regarding qualifying as a Notary Public, please do not hesitate to contact our London Notary Public Practice on or  Alternatively people may contact the Education Secretary at The Notaries Society on


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