Children Travelling Abroad – Notary Public Guide

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Many Notary clients contact us to determine the steps one parent may need to take to allow their partner to travel abroad with children. Recently border agencies and authorities have become increasingly concerned about parental abductions and therefore are tightening the administrative requirement on families.

So as a parent what should you do?

Notary Public Tip 1. – Check with the border authorities of the country you intend to travel to and identify any specific paperwork or documentation that needs to be signed or notarised well in advance of your travel date.

Notary Public Tip 2 – Even if there is nothing specified by the country of travel the travelling parent should prudently carry a letter of authorisation signed by the non-attending parent, giving permission for the travel.

Notary Public Tip 3 – Get the letter of authorisation and any other paperwork Notarised and Legalised to ensure that the paperwork will be accepted by the border authorities in which you are intending to travel. Often this will necessitate obtaining an Apostille or legalisation certificate from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

It’s it often the case that you won’t be asked to present the documentation. However we advise Notary clients that it is better to have the documentation and not need it than encounter an issue whilst crossing a border. At our London Notary Public practice we have many drafted letters of consent for many of our clients. We are more than familiar with the requirements that a country may impose and happy to assist with drafting, notarisation and legalisation as required by our Notary clients.

We believe the key is to take proactive steps to ensure that uncomfortable challenges with border agencies are avoided. For further information about travelling with children abroad or the services offered by our Notary Public practice please contact us on 0207 355 6000 or