Copyright freedom increases for digital content

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London Notary Public Matthew Pryke explains that today Business Secretary Vince Cable announced plans to provide greater freedom to use digital copyright works. This announcements forms part of the Government’s response to the Hargreaves Review and is in line with the recommendations of this report.

Whilst Matthew Pryke is a Notary Public, he is also a Commercial and IP Partner at Hamlins LLP and an expert on copyright law. Matthew provides notarial and legalistion services from his offices in Regent Street, London in addition to his successful practice as a commercial and intellectual property solicitor.  

Matthew explains that the new measures will allow copying of works for individuals’ own personal use and for the purposes of quotation. Current actions which are strictly copyright infringements, such as copying a CD’s content on to an mp3 player, will now be made lawful.  In particualr copyright works will now be able to be used for a variety of valuable purposes without permission from the copyright owners. The Government considers that these measures provide a balance between exceptions and licensing, and reflect a reasonable position for both rights owners and consumers.

Finally the Government has announced that it intends to introduce a new, non-statutory system for clarifying areas where there is confusion or misunderstanding on the scope and application of copyright law.

Matthew Pryke comments, “Following the Hargreaves review these new measures were expected and represent a useful clarification for consumers. The idea of clarifcatory notices to avoid confusion is a very useful introduction. Though be careful, as the UK IP Office has already made clear that these notices are intended to clarify, but not make new law. Therefore always seek expert IP and copyright advice from experts at the earliest opportunity”

Matthew Pryke is a qualified solictor and Partner at Hamlins LLP, he also is a qualified Notary Public in London. Should you wish to contact Matthew for Notary Public or legal advice then please do so on