Notary Public London Guides: Pre-nuptial agreements

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The recent Supreme Court ruling in favour of German heiress Katrin Radmacher has significant ramifications for family law in the UK.  The judges upheld a pre-nuptial contract signed in Germany with her French husband, which reduced his divorce settlement by 80%.

Notary Public in London, Matthew Pryke, advises that, while many commentators feel that this effectively introduces pre-nuptial contracts into English law, those who hold shared assets abroad should always consult a Notary Public to ensure that the relevant paperwork is correct.

For example, should a married couple live in London but also own a property in Spain, they should visit a Notary Public in London to ensure that if one of the couple die, the Spanish courts would still observe their will.

London Notary Public, Matthew says, ‘It’s always advisable to consult a Notary Public when dealing with any situation where a shared asset is registered in a foreign country.  The rules can be quite complex, but a Notary will be able to advise on the best course of action.’

For further information on notarising documents relating to shared assets in a foreign country, contact Notary Public in London Matthew Pryke, on 0207 6364422, or via the contact form on his website.


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