Notary Public London Guides: Practicing certificates

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Notary Public London Guides recently published an article detailing how to become a Notary Public in the UK.  This article stated some of the areas of study along with details of the examination process to become a fully qualified UK Notary Public.

As any Notary Public in London will tell you, once qualified it is still necessary to obtain a yearly practising certificate from the Faculty Office (the regulatory body for Notaries Public) in order to conduct notarial business.  As ever, the rules of the Faculty Office are stringent and each Notary Public is required to submit information on a variety of topics, confirming, amongst other matters, that:

  • They act independently from any Law firm
  • The Notary holds the minimum amount of indemnity insurance, currently set at £750,000
  • The Notary is aware of current money laundering regulations and will run their practice accordingly
  • They hold a current practicing certificate as a Solicitor

Once the Faculty office is satisfied that the petitioning Notary meets their criteria, they issue a yearly practicing certificate which currently costs £350.

For further details of how to qualify as a Notary Public, contact Matthew on 02076364422.