Notary Public London Charity Bike Ride

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On April 6th 2010 we announced that Notary Public London, Matthew Pryke, had taken part in a charity bike ride from London to Paris for Guts in Motion, the charity that raises money and awareness for Crohn’s and Colitis in childhood.

Thirty two riders took part in the event (not all Notaries Public in London) and MD Pryke Notary Public was delighted to receive an email earlier this week, detailing how the £50,000 raised was put to good use.

The email from the guys at Guts in Motion details how the £50,000 will fund, “research into whether Crohn’s sufferers have a greater amount of fat around the blood vessels that surround the bowel and whether, by reducing the fat content of their diet, they can reduce the effects of this disease.”

The money raised by the Paris to London ride will be put towards the first year of a two year study which will help to tailor crohn’s and colitis treatment and adjust the medication that individual sufferers require.

The second year of study requires a further £60,000 in funding, so your favourite Notary in London will be taking up the cause once more.  As yet, the route is unconfirmed, but at MD Pryke Notary Public we’re hoping that the organisers may increase the distance to a Notary Public London to Brussels expedition, or even further afield.  This is partly to raise the further funds necessary, and partly because we enjoy seeing Matthew suffer!

For further details regarding the excellent work carried our by Guts in Motion, or for details of the forthcoming ride, please contact Notary Public London Matthew Pryke on 0207 6364422, or via the contact page on our website.



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