Notary Public London gives Trademark advice in Sunday Times

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Although best known to this readership as a Notary Public, London Notary Matthew Pryke is also Head of Commercial and Intellectual Property Law at Wallace LLP.  On Sunday 12th September 2010, he was featured in the Sunday Times Small Business section giving Trademark advice for entrepreneurs.

The article recommended that small businesses and entrepreneurs protect their assets with a Trademark and urges readers to consider that any identifiable part of their business can be subject to a Trademark application, not only trading names and logos, but also product design and slogans.  Matthew believes that there is a natural synergy between advising clients of their Trademark rights and operating as a Notary Public.  ‘London is one of the Business capitals of the world,’ says Matthew.

‘As a Notary Public London offers a wide variety of business opportunities,’ he continues.  ‘Many firms that initially approach me requiring a Notary Public in London, later request my services regarding Trademark advice and both aspects require a forensic attention to detail, coupled with an eye for giving a client practical advice to ensure their investment is protected.

‘As a business focused Notary Public London is a prime place to operate but the core ethos of a Notary service is exactly the same as that of a Trademark lawyer.  Clients require swift, practical advice that is applicable to a business situation and will protect their assets while maximising their profit potential.’

If you require further advice on Notary public London procedures or any aspect of Trademark Law, call Matthew on 0207 636 4422 or contact him via the website.


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