Notary Public London clarifies Trademark price structure

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Notary Public London, Matthew Pryke is also Head of Commercial and Intellectual Property Law at Wallace LLP.   Matthew featured in an article on Trademarks for the Sunday Times last weekend, and since then our switchboard has been inundated with calls from entrepreneurs and small business owners requiring a price list for Trademark applications.

Notary Public in London, Matthew Pryke, has produced this guide to Trademark application fees.

‘To make an application for a UK trademark will cost £200 for a single class of goods or services, and £50 for each additional class.

‘A ‘Class’ is defined as an area of operation.  So, for example, as a Notary Public London, when I applied for a Trademark to conduct the business of legal services it cost me £200.  If I wished to extend the Trademark application to cover, say, MD Pryke Notary Public window cleaning services, it would cost me a further £50 to protect my trading name in this different (and highly improbable) area of operations.

‘As a Notary Public London I am not licensed to trade in a foreign country, but should a business wish to conduct trade across the EU, they would require a Community Trade Mark application which costs 900 Euros for up to 3 classes of goods and services, and 150 Euros for each subsequent class.

‘Of course, these prices indicate merely the cost of physically applying for a Trademark so expect to pay legal fees in addition to this figure.   These can vary widely but we suggest budgeting £1000 per application.

‘A Community Trade Mark will take approximately 6 -12 months from the date of application to the award of Trademark certificate and a UK Trademark will take 3 – 6 months.’

For further details on Trademark applications, IP Law or our Notary Public London service, please contact us via our website or by calling 0207 636 4422.


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