Notaries Public in London – which is right for you?

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London is one of the key trade centres of Europe.  As you might expect in such a business focused city, there are plenty of options available when choosing a Notary Public.  Which Notary Public in London, however, will best suit your requirements?

This is a brief guide to selecting a Notary Public in London.

Client Base

A Notary Public should be able to provide a brief list of clients for whom they undertake matters on a regular basis.  Notary Public services vary widely and as with any business relationship, it is important to find a Notary Public who understands your needs and can demonstrate a client base that operates in a similar field to your own.


A Central London location is essential for any London Notary Public.   They don’t have to be on your doorstep, however, as a good Notary Public will have an extensive courier network.  Therefore a Notary in W1 will have broadly the same catchment area as a Notary in Mayfair, or a Notary in Westminster.

Out of hours service

Many businesses in London will hold interests on several continents, and a London Notary Public in tune with the pace and requirements of corporations will provide an out of hours service.

Same day service

Always ask your prospective Notary Public whether they can provide a same day service.  A Notary Public in London should be able to provide a same day service on the overwhelming majority matters they undertake.

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