Notary in London advises of temporary closure of legalisation offices

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Notary Public, Matthew Pryke today offers advice for clients who may be affected by brief closures to the legalisation offices in London

‘A Notary must keep his clients informed of barrier to the swift legalisation of their documents’, says Matthew Pryke Notary Public LLP.

‘As a Notary in London, it has been brought to my attention that the Legalisation Office in Central London will cease the legalisation of documents at 3pm on Wednesday 10 February.  A Notary wishing to legalise documents will have to wait until Friday 12 February, before the legalisation office re-opens.

‘A Notary in London would normally continue their notary service by sending their notary matters to the legalisation office at Norfolk House in Milton Keynes, if the London Legalisation office is closed.

‘The Legalisation Office in Milton Keynes, however, will also be closed from 3pm on Thursday 11 February and reopen on Monday 15 February 2010.

‘A Notary in London thrives on a fast turnaround service, so clients wishing their Notary Public to legalise documents over this period may have to bring their Notary matters forward to ensure they experience no delays.

‘These changes are due to essential IT upgrades and I look forward to working with these Legalisation offices once their normal service is resumed on Monday 15 February.’

If you are a client concerned about how the closure of Legalisation offices will affect your Notary service please contact Matthew through the usual channels.


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