I need an Apostille in the same day…..is this possible?

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Once a document has been notarised by a Notary Public then, based on the receiving country, the document may also require to be legalised. Often this legalisation process can be addressed by a London Notary Public liaising with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to add an appropriate apostille. Understandably people seek confirmation from their London Notary Public about how long this process will take and the associated costs. Consequently clients often turn to their London Notary Public for a solution which meets their commercial requirements and tight deadline.

Many notary publics, particularly London Notary Publics, have experience of liaising with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s Milton Keynes offices. This process can be time consuming and can take up to 10 working days to complete. Often clients of Notary Publics in London will require their documents to be legalised to meet a much shorter deadline, such as within the same day. Therefore London Notary Public practices, such as M D Pryke Notary Public LLP,  are used to providing it’s London Notary Public clients with an alternative and much quicker option. An Apostille can be obtained by a London Notary Public at short notice if you allow your London Notary Public to utilise the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s premier service. London Notary Public Matthew Pryke explains how it is possible to obtain an apostille at very short notice if you use a Notary Public in London who has a premier service account with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and is therefore able to arrange for documents to be legalised at very short notice.  London Notary Public Matthew Pryke explains that the majority of his London Notary clients prefer to use the premier services, “As a Notary Public working in London’s west end I find that most of my clients are working on projects that require a fast and efficient turnaround of documents. As a London Notary Public with offices in Mayfair I am used to notarising documents to meet very short timescales, with most matters dealt with in the same day. Therefore to be able to offer my London Notary Public clients legalisation with a quick turnaround is absolutely essential.”

Please consult your London Notary Public for a quote for using the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s premium services. As a guide the Foreign and Commonwealth Office will charge the following fees for the completion of the legalisation process:

Applications to premium service (Centrepoint, London) – £69 per Apostile.

Applications to Norfolk House (Milton Keynes) – £28 per Apostile.

Please note that the fees charged by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office are in addition to the Notary Public fees charged by your London Notary Public. For further details of whether your documents needs to be legalised and, if so, how to achieve this in the same day, please contact London Notary Public Matthew Pryke via the following e-mail address matthew@mdpryke-notary.com

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    For those in the United States needing an apostille in 24 hours, I’ve written directions at my site. Apostille


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