My document needs to be Apostilled – What does this mean?

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An experienced Notary Public should be familiar with the Apostille process and be able to assist. In most circumstances the requirement for an Apostille relates to countries that are part of the Hague Convention.

Without going into details regarding the legalities of this process the practical solution is provided by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.  Once a document has been notarised by a fully qualified notary public the document can then go to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to have an Apostille, or legalisation certificate, attached.

This process can be achieved in less than 24 hours if a matter is more pressing and London Notary Public Matthew Pryke suggests that you speak to a notary public who will have experience of dealing with both the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the various country embassies based in London.   London Notary Public Matthew Pryke finds that the large majority of his clients prefer for him to deal with the legalisation process as this is something that his London Notarty Public practice is used to dealing with on a day to day basis.  To confirm the legalisation requirements for the country to which your documents relate speak to your notary public in advance of the meeting so that you have a clear understanding of the time periods and costs involved.  However London Notary Public Matthew Pryke explains that “the large majority of matters can be dealt with in the same day which can provide a necessary solution for many of the individuals and business which my practice serve.”


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